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Downwind Paddling on a Stand Up Paddleboard is exhilarating and a fantastic workout but can be intimidating and potentially dangerous without the proper training.

WHO: The Art of Downwinding Series of 3 Workshops are designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge you’ll need in a supportive and fun series of classes with expert downwind racer and certified instructor Shanna Upton.

This workshop is not intended for beginner paddlers. To benefit from the workshop you will need some flatwater paddling experience. If you have any questions of concerns about your suitability for this class, please CONTACT us.

WHAT: After introductions, we’ll start the class with a review of Downwind safety both on and off the water. We will spend some time on land stretching and getting our bodies warmed up and ready for a great workout.
Now the fun begins. We will go for a short paddle across the bay to a beautiful beach. There we will dismount our boards and do some Land Drills! I’ve found that no matter how difficult the exercise is, it’s always more fun when done with friends in the sand. Downwinding is a full body workout and the stronger and healthier your body is, the more success you’ll have downwinding.
Once our heart rate is up and we’re feeling strong and empowered to tackle anything the day has to offer we’ll head back out on the water. We will go for a 5 mile paddle. We will be working on reading water, finding where it is moving the fastest and where we want to be on it. We will be sprinting in short intervals, as if we are trying to catch waves. We will also be walking the board and bracing. These are the essential skills to downwinding. You don’t need the wind to tone them, you just need practice. Lots of practice. Remember, downwinding is a dance between you, your board and the waves. It’s exhilarating, challenging and fun!!

WHERE: Marconi Cove, Tomales Bay, CA

Click here for Google Map and driving directions.

WHEN: This class meets at 9.30 AM. Please be changed and ready to begin the class by 9.30 AM. If you are likely to need more time to get ready, please arrive earlier. We will be off the water by 12.30 PM and wrapped up by 1.30 PM.

COST: $89.00

Please note that we typically do not provide boards or gear. If you need a board or gear you can rent (often at a discounted rate exclusive to River and Ocean students) from this list of our PARTNERS.
Please CONTACT us if you are unsure about the suitability of your board.

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