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Intro to Surf Zone (Half Moon Bay)

WHO: This class is intended for sea kayakers AND whitewater kayakers who are looking to familiarize themselves with the surf zone. The April 23 class will be taught by Bill Vonnegut.

WHAT: We will learn about wave dynamics and beach characteristics and how to identify hazards. We will practice launching and landing through the surf zone safely, bracing on breaking waves and holding position.

WHERE: The class will be conducted at Half Moon Bay.

WHEN: In order to get parking we will meet at 9.00 AM. Class begins at 9.30 AM. We will be off the water by 4.00 PM.

WHY: Surf zone training is a crucial step towards all the fun to be had on the open coast and in the surf! For sea kayakers, this is the 2nd in our Progression of Classes designed to prepare you for paddling on the open coast in Level 4 conditions. The skills covered in this class are essential for both whitewater and sea kayakers interested in pursuing surf kayaking.

COST: $119.00 (Minimum enrollment – 3, maximum enrollment – 8, with two instructors)

Please note: Cost does not include kayak and gear rental. Boats & Gear can be rented from our Partners.

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