Surf Kayak & Waveski Coaching

Surf Kayaking & Waveski surfing are the most fun, dynamic and demanding paddlesport disciplines imaginable. They combine so many different skill areas and are an excellent way to stay fit and sharp.

But it can be a frustratingly steep learning curve and we will help you overcome those hurdles so that you can be shredding waves sooner. If you are new to surf kayaking or waveski, frustrated by your progress; wanting to learn some advanced moves; perhaps you are thinking of entering your first competition; or maybe you are just looking to carve some waves with friends and stay injury free.

Whatever your goals we will work with you to develop an individualized coaching plan. We’ll use video analysis to give you specific feedback on your performance and in-the-surf coaching.

Choosing the right location and the right conditions are key to successful learning and because swell conditions are constantly changing, we rarely schedule classes but arrange them according to demand and then work with you to find the best conditions for your coaching needs.

Use this COACHING REQUEST FORM to connect with the surf coach of your choice to get the swell rolling.

RIVER & OCEAN’s Bill Vonnegut, Kelly Marie Henry and Sean Morley are all ACA Level 3 Surf Kayak Instructors. Check out our bios HERE.


Surf Kayak Coaching Videos

Sean Morley

Photo by Mark Boyd

Bill Vonnegut

Photo by Roger Aguirre Smith

Kelly Marie Henry

Photo by Mark Boyd