Coaching & Mentoring

Personalized Paddlesports Coaching – sea kayaking, surf kayaking, surfski, flatwater sprint and marathon, whitewater and SUP.

Whatever your passion in paddlesports we will support your development in becoming the best paddler that you want to be. Realizing your potential takes time and dedication and there are no ‘shortcuts’. 

As the saying goes;

“Practice does not make perfect – only perfect practice makes perfect”.

It is also true that practice makes permanent. So if you are practicing and not receiving coaching, how do you know if your practice is as perfect as it can be and wouldn’t you want to know that before you make those habits permanent?

Use the form below to tell us about your goals and we will develop a personal coaching plan for you. This might include on-water instruction, stroke analysis using Coach’s Eye video analysis and the Motionize motion sensor analysis system. We will provide you with regular feedback, skills development drills and a structured program to take you to the next level and beyond.

How much does this cost? It depends on what you need but to give you an idea, a full day of instruction for one person starts at $299, assuming it is a local (Bay Area) class and you are providing your own paddling equipment.

Personal Coaching Request Form

Please complete this form to tell us more about your personal paddling background and goals.

  • Which paddlesport do you want help with?
  • What is your current level of experience in this paddlesport?
  • Please briefly describe your sporting background. How long have you been paddling? What type of paddling have you done? What other sports do you or have you participated in?
  • What are your Short-term, Medium-term and Long-term goals?
  • Do you have a preference for the River & Ocean coach you would want to work with?