Stand Up Paddleboard Classes

One of the great things about Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is that it is relatively easy to learn how to paddle on flat water. But there is so much more you can do on an SUP and if you want to take your board into more challenging conditions, you will need to develop more advanced skills. Check out some of the classes we offer…

Essentials of SUP

The Essentials of Stand Up Paddleboarding class provides an excellent foundation for future skills training.
You will learn how to move your feet to trim and balance your board. We’ll practice a variety of strokes until you feel confident you can move the board in all directions effectively and efficiently. We’ll discuss safety issues and practice rescue and towing techniques so that you can take of yourself and others.

The Art of Downwinding

The Art of Downwinding Class is designed for SUP paddlers with some previous experience looking to get into downwinding. We will work on essentials skills such as stance and footwork, power strokes and edging. We will talk about logistics, safety issues and look at the gear you will need to be both safe and comfortable on the water.

Coastal SUP Touring

The Coastal SUP Touring Class is an adventure in itself! We will undergo a journey and along the way learn about how to paddle safely as a group, the kit we will need and safety considerations. We’ll learn how to negotiate currents and coastal features such as rocks and headlands. We’ll also practice paddling in wind that may not always be at our backs!

Introduction to SUP Surfing

SUP surfing is about as much fun as you can have standing up! The Intro to SUP Surfing Class is designed for experienced SUP paddlers looking to take their skills to the surf and have FUN! You will need some previous paddling experience but we will choose a location and provide you with a board the suits your ability and body weight, so that you can maximize your learning and get shredding waves FAST!

Race Training & Strategy

The Race Training & Strategy class is intended for experienced paddlers looking to prepare and take part in their first race. It can be a daunting prospect lining up with a bunch of hardcore racers. We can help you be ready to compete by working on some essentials skills such as an efficient stroke, stance, footwork, and turns. There is a tremendous amount of strategy that goes into racing and we can let you into some of the secrets the PRO’s use to get ahead.

At River & Ocean we follow the American Canoe Association’s curriculum, the nation’s leading organisation for paddler education in SUP.


Our classes are designed to be personalized 1:1 or 1:2 coaching to get the maximum value and benefit from the experience, so CONTACT US to set up a class that works with your schedule.