The River & Ocean Paddlesports Coaching Collective is dedicated to delivering quality paddlesports program to our customers.  We recognise a need to make our programs as accessible and affordable as possible and with that in mind we are introducing group discounts, available to any group of friends that wish to coordinate and book a class or trip with a River & Ocean Instructor. This could be a scheduled class already listed, or a custom class we create just for you!

Group Discounts will be as follows:

Full Day class with one Instructor (standard price $129)

  • Group of 3 – $119/person
  • Group of 4 – $109/person
  • Group of 5 – $99/person

Full Day Class with two Instructors

  • Group of 8 – $119/person
  • Group of 9 – $109/person
  • Group of 10 – $99/person

If a member of the group cancels, our normal 7-day cancellation policy will apply. It will be necessary for the group to find a replacement, otherwise the cost of the class will be adjusted accordingly. We do ask that you coordinate and communicate as a group and help us to keep our administrative costs to a minimum.

If you would like to take advantage of these Group Discounts, please CONTACT us, and we can set it up for you. Let us know if your group wants to join a scheduled class or if you are looking to create a program just for you.

Thanks for your support of our Collective and we look forward to seeing you on the water!